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Website Recovery from Search Engine Penalties

If you're new or old to the business of the World Wide Web, do you have ever heard about disaster recovery system. This system is integral in the event of an unanticipated or natural disaster, and you run a number of risks if you don't have such a system, including Colocation, Cloud Computing or hybrid solutions, implemented for your web-based applications, businesses and the like. Read on to discover more information regarding disaster recovery systems and how to determine the risks associated in not having the system in place.

One of the most important risks that we consider in the world is a natural disaster. From earthquakes destroying servers, data centers and the like, to tsunamis wiping out entire communities, and even hurricanes, if we fear these disasters for our everyday lives, we should consider them for our servers and data storage, as well.

The biggest risk you're taking without having Disaster Recovery systems is the risk of downtime; how much is this worth to you? If your site is averaging 5,000 page views per hour around the clock, what could 24 hours of downtime do to your clientele, especially if your page views are primarily fueled by repeat business? How much you are earning from your site in a day?

Google is used by over 90% of online users. To give its users high quality relevant search content, Google has Webmaster guidelines that every website owner must follow to avoid getting penalized by Google. Over the last two years there has been a significant increase in the number of manual penalties issued by Google.

Google is one of the most used search engine platforms that update its algorithm continually to make the user satisfy in the best possible way. These changes may put either positive or negative impact on your search ranking that depends on the way you use them in your strategies. In an order to know about such updates, take a look below.

Since Google launched one of its biggest algorithm updates in history, the Google Penguin Update, the SEO industry, online business owners, and webmasters have been in a state of panic trying to avoid the update's ranking penalty. According to Google, the Penguin update is designed to target spammy websites and penalize these sites with a major drop in Google's SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) rankings. It short, it is Google's way of telling everyone that it does not approve of black-hat SEO.

If your website was affected by penguin 4.0, your website's traffic gradually decreased after the Penguin Update from Sept 23, 2016. You have to recover your website by choosing a professional SEO company.

If you have already been hit by the effects of the Google Panda Update, then you probably have been searching ways to recover since a while ago. However, most SEO Company are giving different opinions on the ways of repairing the fault that caused your website to be punished by the Panda penalty, so you will have a hard time choosing the right one.

If you know your website is over-optimized and has experienced a drop in ranking and traffic, chances are, your site has been hit by Penguin. The first thing you need to do to recover from this is to accept the penalty, admit your over-optimization mistake, and start to clean up your website.

SEO Companies are still arguing over the idea that the Google Penguin update is or is not a penalty. Some think it is only a change of the algorithm that doesn't lower your website, will others think the opposite. However it may be, as a local (small to medium) online business developer, you must make sure that Google Panda won't interact negatively with your website or blog.

Hacked Site

This message indicates that some or all of your website pages may have been hacked by a third party. This kind of malicious activity means that your visitors aren’t seeing the pages or content they would expect. Google does not want to index these sorts of pages and applies a manual penalty as a result, highlighting the issue to you and allowing you to resolve it before requesting reconsideration.

SEO Services Global

As a Professional Digital Marketing Company, our goal is not only to keep our clients up-to-date about the changes in how Google ranks website but also we help our clients up to date about how you save your website from slapped down by the Google Farmer Update.

If your website is already hits by Google Penalty, then you need to hire an expert who not only recover to your website from google but also save your website for future hits because once google hit your website once he will come again and again.

If you want to secure your business and reputation from Google Penalty, let me help with my google penalty service. SEO Services Global will go through a checklist of problems that could be holding you back. Google kicks off thousands of manual actions each month. Many of those are targeted toward websites that have unnatural links in them or are a part of a link network. At SEO Services Global, we will take care of the search engines so that you can focus on running your business, and we can get started right away.

SEO Services Global offers below services for secure your business:-

  • Google Penalty Recovery Service
  • Google Link Clean-Up Service
  • Website Cleanup Services – Related to Google Penalties
  • Website Spam Removal
  • Website Malware Removal
  • Recovery from a Hacked Website

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